Main Line Rehabilitation Associates is uniquely equipped to support veterans transitioning back to civilian life after a traumatic brain injury.

Known as the signature wound of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the symptoms and adjustment issues occurring after traumatic brain injury significantly impact each veteran’s journey home after deployment.

Brain injuries can be invisible to others, causing misperceptions that a full recovery has occurred. Because we have specialized in brain injury since 1986, we understand the long term and often hidden challenges that returning veterans with brain injury face. Our individualized approach at home and in the community, combined with family education and a supportive interdisciplinary team, is designed to achieve the best outcome for each individual.

Central to MLRA's family of services is a combination of therapeutic approaches, including Life Skills Coaching and NeuroCognitive Support. Clinicians customize services to enhance and support each individual’s strengths. Services are provided in conjunction with other MLRA support services, such as Counseling, Resource Development, Family Education, and Case Management.