Our Services

In our 2016 Satisfaction survey, 100% of all respondents indicated overall satisfaction with our clinical services.

  • “Main Line has been a huge help and we could not ask for anything better.”
  • “They helped me gain confidence and more independence each day.”

100% of respondents felt that they are included in making decisions about their therapy program.

  • “Decisions can be hard but Main Line was very helpful explaining options.”

100% of respondents reported that they find services helpful in every day life.

  • “I am able to take certain skills that I practice and then apply them to everyday things like cooking.”
  • “I can initiate conversations better because of practicing.”

100% stated they feel they are working on the goals they had set for themselves in therapy.

  • “We come up with new goals and amend them when we need to.”
  • “Main Line helped me to remain established and connected to the community that I am currently in right now.”

Our Clinicians

100% of all respondents felt that our clinicians demonstrated good clinical knowledge and 100% were attentive.

  • “The staff at MLRA are professional and well educated in working with my daughter and try very hard to make sure her needs are met.”

100% of respondents felt they had built a good rapport and had excellent, open communication with their cognitive rehabilitation therapist.

  • “The people who come to support me are wonderful.”
  • “We are frequently consulted throughout each therapy session.  Because therapy takes place in the home, immediate exchange of ideas is possible.”