Clinical Leadership

Rita Carroll, PresidentRita Carroll, President

In 1981, after beginning her career as a nursing and physical therapy aide, Rita developed the Cognitive Rehabilitation Program at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital. Seeing first hand that a piece of the puzzle was missing for the people she served, Rita left to build a solution that could fill the void. The result was a Cognitive Rehabilitation Program that is completely home and community based. Rita believed, then and now, that true home and community based services are essential to a successful journey toward independence.

In 1986, Rita created Main Line Rehabilitation Associates with a mission to provide cognitive rehabilitation to increase independence and improve quality of life for people with cognitive impairments. Individualized therapy services focus on evidence based practices to build skills in the environments where they will be used, the individual’s own home and community.

Rita now not only serves as Main Line’s President, but she has also been active on the board of the International Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation for more than 20 years.  She was the first person in the country to become certified in the Practice of Cognitive Rehabilitation by the Society.  She also serves on the Board of Governors for the Academy for Certification of Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS), and she is certified by ACBIS as a Brain Injury Specialist at the Trainer Level.  She has supervised Cognitive Rehabilitation internships for Immaculata University for over 30 years.


Bridget Lower, Clinical DirectorBridget Lowery, Clinical Director

Bridget Lowery has been a presence in the field of brain injury rehabilitation for nearly 30 years. Joining Main Line Rehabilitation Associates 27 years ago, Bridget began as a part time Clinical Coordinator before becoming the Clinical Director. “I was working as a special education teacher when I was offered a job at a rehab hospital. There I was introduced to Rita Carroll and joined her new enterprise; an organization that provided home and community based care. I knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

Bridget plays an active role in improving accessibility for people with disabilities in the community. For 20 years Bridget dedicated herself to running a socialization/recreation program in Upper Merion. She was also integral to the conception and execution of the CommCare waiver in the state of Pennsylvania. She was a founding member of the Pediatric Brain Injury Task Force for the Philadelphia School District.

Bridget’s dedication has been recognized repeatedly during her time with MLRA, winning the Pennsylvania Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (PARF) Distinguished Service Award as well as being named Upper Merion Employee of the Year.

Bridget believes in the merit of Main Line Rehab’s mission statement. “MLRA’s real-life application makes a real world difference,” Bridget says, “It allows people to stay living where they want to and to improve the way they live their lives.” When asked what part of her job keeps her engaged, Bridget replied, “The teaching. Whether it’s teaching our staff or teaching the people we serve—helping someone to understand a new idea is thrilling.”

Bridget holds a degree in Special Education from LaSalle University and is certified by the state of Pennsylvania as a Special Education teacher, and she is certified as a Brain Injury Specialist at the Trainer level.


Meaghan Wright, Clinical CoordinatorJessica Chappell, Executive Director

While working on her Bachelor of Science in biology, Jessica completed an internship providing health education for underprivileged women in Washington, D.C. “It sparked a little fire in me to pursue helping others when I returned home,” Jessica recalls.

After completing her undergraduate studies, Jessica joined Main Line Rehab as a Facilitator and Outreach Coordinator, eventually completing her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Over her 14 year career with MLRA Jessica has worn many hats from Facilitator to Clinical Coordinator, Referral Coordinator, and Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist. In 2004, she was promoted to Executive Director. Jessica has also been a certified ACBIS trainer since 2007.

Jessica passionately believes in the philosophy at Main Line Rehab: “What we do makes sense and works. Over my time at MLRA I have seen the effectiveness of our program and can say that I believe in the true value of what we do.” She strives to understand each individual and their family, to see things from their perspective, and relate to them with respect and compassion.  As the mother of a child with special needs who receives home and community based services, Jessica understands the system from both sides.

Jessica speaks at local and national conferences on the topic of BI, sharing her experience and expertise with others in the field. She is also a member of The Society For Cognitive Rehabilitation. Jessica’s happiest and most rewarding time at work is when she is working with individuals with special needs and also training Clinical Coordinators, watching them develop into strong clinicians.

Jessica has a B.S. in Biology and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Psychology.


Meaghan Wright, Clinical CoordinatorMeaghan Wright, Clinical Coordinator

Early in her career Meaghan worked in a group home for abused and neglected teenage girls and developed a passion for helping those that other people had pushed away. Around the same time she spent time observing her sister who was a cognitive therapist as well as a patient at Bryn Mawr Rehab following a serious car accident. Meaghan was fascinated by the rehab world and was struck by the difference a good therapist could make in the lives of her clients.

Inspired to change the lives of others for the better, Meaghan joined Main Line Rehabilitation Associates as a Facilitator in 1989. During her tenure Meaghan has also acted as Director of Facilitation Services and is currently a Clinical Coordinator. Meaghan excels as a Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist and a Coordinator because of her passion and training, but also because of her exceptional ability to listen to the needs of others while assessing their strengths and communicating honestly with them.  She delights in seeing the “whole person” and devising an effective, holistic treatment plan for each individual; suited to their abilities, needs and goals.

“MLRA was one of the first rehab companies to really focus services in the home and community,” Meaghan says. “I think we are experts on this—on the specific problems encountered; working with limited resources, and working within the context of a family environment.”

Meaghan serves on the Montgomery County BrainSteps team, helping to educate teachers and school personnel about brain injury as well as develop strategies for supporting students who have experienced acquired brain injuries. Meaghan speaks at local and national conferences on the topic of BI, sharing her experience and expertise with others in the field. She is also a member of The Society For Cognitive Rehabilitation.

Meaghan received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from LaSalle University in 1989 and is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer.